AreYouGame Conditioning Club Changed My Life! I was consistently unhappy with my body and who I had become until the day I met Kim and Gord in 2009. Now, 4 years later, not only am I in the best shape I’ve ever been in, I’m in the kind of shape I could only ever dream about in the past. If you are ready to work your butt off, come and join our ever growing family. I promise you, you will never regret it. But be warned, you will work hard, you will be pushed to be the best that you can be and you will only look back in awe at the changes you have acheived. We can’t wait to see you all! AYG For Life!


When I started at AreYouGame I had decided to take the life back that an injury had stolen from me. Not only did I get my life back but rather I began a new one. Now only half way to my goal, I have already made achievements beyond my expectations! The true secret to Kim and Gordon’s facility is marrying fun and fitness! Yes, I go to the club to work out, but I also go to the gym to do something I now ENJOY. Don’t be fooled though, definitely not a stroll through the park… once you decide to join the best, the best will be expected of you. I’m game! Are you?


I couldn’t be happier to have joined AreYouGame Conditioning Club. I have been attending their group conditioning classes for just over a year now. Although I have lost weight (and will continue to work towards my goals) it is what I have gained that is even more valuable. If you want excellent trainers that push you to be your best, to gain strength and endurance all while working out with a great group of the most supportive and encouraging people this is the place for you. This is something I plan to be a part of for a long time. I can’t thank Kim & Gord enough, my life would not be the same without them.


I have always been self conscious of my weight. It held me back from doing things either because I didn’t think I could do it or because I was too concerned what I would look like. When I met Kim and Gord that all CHANGED. From the first class I took, their support and encouragement made me feel like “I can do it.” My original goal was just to complete each class and then as they continued to push, I continued to listen and now my life has changed. Kim, Gord and everyone in the classes are so motivating and encouraging that it makes you want to keep pushing even when you think you can’t do anymore. The best thing I did was join AreYouGame Conditioning Club Inc. Thanks for helping me achieve more than I thought was possible.


Are You Game is unlike any gym out there. I started at AYG with an already significant weight loss and a lot of loose skin. Prior to my weight loss I had my reservations about joining any gym, so after trying many diets I decided to start working out! What a concept eh? Lose weight by working out….wow! Well it worked! I went down to half my size! People who hadn’t seen me in a year including family didn’t recognize me. This was a huge success for me, so what do I do now? How do I keep this weight off? I was afraid to eat. I was afraid to go to the gym and have people look at me funny. I thought I was self-conscious about being overweight, but I had no idea how I would feel losing it all and trying to cover up the skin. Well with some coaxing from family (who already attend AYG) I decided to try one class. One class, lead to another, to getting a membership to, Alex….you need to go home now, we are closing for the day. I never thought a gym would make you feel like home. The clients here are some of the nicest, caring and respectable people I have ever met. An amazing extended family but at the gym! And the 2 most important people who got this gym going, I have to thank are the owners, Kim and Gord. Especially Gord who changed my life. Gord pushed me to do more and built my confidence that I can do more! He helped me with building muscle the proper way and eating healthy. In 2014 I completed the Warrior dash something I’d never thought I would do if it wasn’t for AYG I would never have done that! From that day on Gord dubbed me as Rocco and that’s who I am known as at AYG today.

Thank you AYG I’m here to stay!


Walking into Are You Game for the first time didn’t feel like your ordinary “GYM” or “BOX”. I walked in and was greeted as if I were family, like a home away from home. In 4 short months, I was able to drop 35 pounds. Nowhere was I ever able to obtain such results, in such a short period of time. AYG have the best Trainers to achieve all your goals, and the best support group to get you through each workout. People have been asking me, what have I been doing differently, diet, exercise, I tell them 3 simple words ARE YOU GAME.