Movement Of The Month: TRX / Ring Rows

Rows are a great way to strengthen the upper back and build awareness of how to properly move through a horizontal rowing pattern.
However, there are some key mistakes to avoid when performing TRX rows, such as:

  • Shoulders rounding forward
  • Elbows going too far back
  • Forward head posture

We want to avoid these mistakes by striving for the following:

  • Start with the shoulders down away from your ears, and then continually pull them back as you perform the rowing motion. Think about squeezing something between your shoulder blades at the top of the movement!
  • Stop your elbows at or just past your body. If you allow your elbows to go too far back, this will cause your shoulders to round forward. Instead, stop your elbows earlier, and keep pulling with your shoulders.
  • Keep your eyes on the anchor point of the TRX – this will keep your neck in a neutral posture which will help with improving your overall alignment and posture!

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