Movement Of The Month : Renegade Rows

These are a great way to work your upper body while also challenging your core!

Starting from a pushup position with your hands on dumbbells and stacked under the shoulders, you alternate rowing one arm at a time with a push up between each row. Seems simple enough, but there is a big difference between renegade rows done well and renegade rows gone wrong!

In the photo on the left, you can see that as the row is happening and the arm has pulled to the top of the movement, the hips shift open up and the feet roll onto their sides. This causes excessive rotation of the lower back, which can cause pain over time. It also shows that there are many energy leakages occurring. If this is happening while you are performing a renegade row it may be wise to practice one arms planks without any weight before progressing to this movement.

The photo on the right shows what we want to see in a renegade row. The hips stay square to the ground as the arm pulls the dumbbell up using the upper back. This hips-squared position demonstrates control and mastery of the movement. One last tip is to keep your elbows tight to the sides of your body during the row.

Happy rowing!

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