Pull-ups! They’re one of the most popular goals, and one of the most difficult to achieve, but once you acquire the skill, it can be a very empowering feeling to be able to pull your own bodyweight up over a bar.

Here are some tips to making your pull-ups even better:
When training pull-ups, you want to think about driving your elbows down toward the floor and keeping your shoulders away from your ears. This will help you to engage your lats. Try not to think about “pulling” yourself up, rather think about driving your elbows down. The pulling up motion usually leads to shoulder shrugging and a weaker movement overall.

Look straight ahead. Looking up – maybe in order to try to get the chin over the bar, increases the distance you have to go (from creating an arch). Looking straight ahead makes for a much more efficient movement pattern.

Here are some ways you can train to get stronger in your pull-ups:
Band assisted pull-ups. Place a band around the bar and slide your foot in the loop for band assisted pull-ups. Practice going slowly and keeping your shoulders down throughout the movement. Gradually use thinner bands as you get stronger.
Do isometric holds at the top position and use the negative on the way down. Jump yourself up so your chin is above the bar, and then hold until you start to feel your shoulders start to shrug up or your body start to lower. Try and lower yourself down (the negative portion of the movement) as slowly and controlled as possible.

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