Cable rows are a great way to strengthen your mid and upper back. It’s important we strengthen these muscles in order to counteract the forward posture we end up getting from hours of sitting at a desk or working at a computer.

Here are common mistakes to avoid when performing the cable row movement:

Keep shoulders from rounding forward and elbows flaring out.

  • When you allow your shoulders to round forward and your elbows to flare out, you end up neglecting the mid back muscles and instead over-using the already over-engaged pectoral (chest) muscles. This will actually reinforce poor posture.

Try this instead:

  • While performing your rows you want to think about getting into a tall posture, keeping your shoulders down away from your ears, and pulling your shoulder blades back toward each other as you row. You also want to keep your elbows tucked to ensure your lats are engaged.

Happy rowing!!!

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