Grip and bicep strength play a large role in one’s ability to pull, which may be a deadlift, pull up, or simply lifting large objects. Bicep training, when done using different variations, can be a great accessory to add into your training program.

Standing Barbell Curl– This exercise is done standing up like the name implies. You should hold the barbell or dumbbells with both palms up facing away from the body, arms extended to your thighs. Curl the bar up and in toward the body as the elbows bend. Slow and controlled movements are key here. Do not use momentum or swing the body to lift the weight.

Preacher Curls– These curls are done with a barbell but sitting on a preacher bench. While sitting, grip the barbell with an underhand grip elbow extended, hands about shoulder width apart. Curl the bar in towards the shoulders.

Incline dumbbell curls– These are done exactly like a regular dumbbell curl but sitting on a bench propped at a 45 degree angle. The incline dumbbell curl places more resistance on the biceps, making this variation slightly more difficult than a standing curl.


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