Lunges are a fantastic exercise for training the lower body and working on single leg strength and stability. However, in order to make sure they’re done properly and you don’t hurt your knees, there are some things you want to keep in mind so you’re maximizing your movements and staying safe.

Common LUNGE mistakes:

  • An excessive forward shin angle. This may be okay for certain athletes who will need to go through this range of motion during their sport, but for anyone who already has any knee pain or discomfort, it will be important to keep the knee from going too far over the front toes.
  • Front heel lifting off the floor. When performing a lunge, the front heel should be driving into the floor to help you stand up. Think of pushing the floor away through the heel, allowing you to stand. If you push through the toes you will be putting all of the work on the quad as opposed to spreading the load throughout the quad, hamstring, and glute.
  • Back knee too close to front heel. When your back knee is too close to your front heel, it will be difficult to produce enough force to get yourself to a standing position. This means that it will be very hard to add weight and continue to progress this movement.

Once you have mastered the lunge you can try different variations and increase your weights for a new and challenging workout.

Happy lunging!



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