Intuition & Training

It is always your gut that will tell you the truth, and it is always your gut that will generally lead you on the right path. Hence, “trust your gut.”

Unfortunately nowadays with our “hardcore” frames of mind we tend to forget to hear what our guts are saying. Sometimes “go a little harder and stop standing still, your knee is going to explode lighten the weight and do it properly… or take the night off” may come to mind.

All of these things are up to us to make the decision, and sometimes we choose to fight our gut feeling. Because we get lost in “if I skip a night I’ll get fat” or “if I dont lift 200lbs people are going to think I suck” or even, “if I stick to 10lbs I will stay feminine or won’t get bulky”

Usually, trusting your gut is where your best progress is going to be made. Whether it saves you from an injury, works your way up through a plateau or helps us let go of our egos and create more control. Unfortunately it is one of those things we try to fight and we end up with that acute injury, stuck in a plateau, or your ego brings you to only perform a half rep crap squat.

Trust your gut!

– Janine

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