Alternating Reverse Hypers Single Leg

This exercise will help build powerful lower back and spine muscles. You can do reverse back extension on the floor, but doing it on the bench is more efficient since the range of motion (ROM) is longer. Thanks to that your joints will be more flexible, and your muscles will be stronger.

To perform this movement you will need:

  • Work out bench
  • Bosu or Yoga ball

How to perform this movement:

  1. Stand in front of a bench with ball placed on top.
  2. Lie on top of the ball (on your stomach).
  3. Grab the frame of the bench at the sides.
  4. Starting with both feet on the floor, slowly lift one leg as high as you can, while the other foot is on the floor for support.
  5. Perform the motion slowly and focus on your spine and lower back. At the top position, you can hold your lower body for a moment.
  6. Then, slowly lower your leg and repeat on the other side.


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